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For Change

We know

Something Else Is Possible

Change is one of the few inevitabilities in life. And it’s what we specialise in.

More than ever, organisations need the adaptability and resilience to deal with complex environments and unpredictable events. Yet so many change and transformation initiatives fail to deliver, instead creating more uncertainty, anxiety and conflict.

The Edgework view is that things don’t have to be this way.

People love being engaged in meaningful and creative work. Generous collaboration in pursuit of a common purpose is an optimal driver of performance. Teams and business units can interface brilliantly so that learning, growth and business excellence are all achieved simultaneously.

We know that this is possible.

We know

How To Make It Happen

Edgework's integrated, end-to-end solutions align strategy, structure and culture at individual, team and enterprise levels. We work to enhance organisational capability to innovate, collaborate and lead through complex business landscapes.

We understand why organisational change and transformation programmes can be met with a cynical response. Here comes another initiative. It's just about downsizing right? We’ve been here before. This too shall pass.

Edgework challenges this.

We are a catalyst for developing the purpose-driven organisational transformations that are essential for sustainable productivity and to balance growth and wellbeing.

By revealing what our clients cannot see on their own, we identify solutions to complex challenges, the path to reach them and the practical steps to get there.

We know

Revolutionary Thinking Is Required

As Bill Hicks said, evolution did not end with us growing thumbs. Our choice is not about whether to change or not but how to change.

Change is often complex and people often dislike complexity. So today’s overly simplistic solutions quickly become tomorrow’s problems.

Edgework is not afraid to embrace the complexity of change but we don’t overcomplicate it either.

Our mission is to revolutionise how people think and work together in the pursuit of exceptional outcomes. And along the way, to realise their ability to handle the paradoxical, complex and unpredictable nature of life.

We know

One Size Fits No One

The Edgework approach to change and transformation is context specific. We integrate a range of methodologies to provide solutions for particular needs, challenges and aspirations.

We combine simple, linear change processes where appropriate, with creative and agile ones when change is emergent and paradoxical.

Building on a clear understanding of your operating environment and needs analysis, Edgework works with you to develop a detailed project scope that clarifies success criteria, deliverables, and potential barriers to impact. 

Working closely with client-side counterparts, we deliver programme elements to agreed key milestones and decision-making touchpoints.

We know

Partnerships Make The Difference

Organisations are created to bring people together to get things done and fulfil a purpose. That’s why the quality of our relationships and interactions determines the success of our ventures.

At Edgework, we value being rigorous and flexible, provocative and generous, cutting-edge and pragmatic.

We operate with a collective purpose and bring our expertise and commitment to creating strong partnerships between you, your organisation and us.

It goes without saying that the Edgework team is made up of highly skilled, professionally accredited practitioners of the highest quality. And if you’re curious, you can find out more about us here.

We know

This Is Already Happening

Significant shifts are taking place in the fields of human development and organisation. Agility, resilience and networked leadership are today’s essentials as opposed to yesterday’s nice-to-haves.

Increasing complexity and unpredictability, and the need for more creative, innovative and sustainable solutions are examples of the challenges and opportunities we face today.

And many organisations are already embracing new ways of working as they seek to respond.

Edgework Partnership remains inspired by the work of the many thought leaders and change agents who are committed to facilitating new advances in our communities and organisations. And we are proud of the contributions that we make.

The Edgework Partnership is a catalyst for change, helping to create advanced organisations capable of achieving remarkable results. We bring together gifted practitioners from across a range of disciplines to support companies as they evolve. Contact us to find out more about how Edgework can work with you to facilitate purposeful change and organisational transformation